What to do in the Garden



  • H Apply and renew mulches
  • H Fill gaps in borders with summer bedding and hardy annuals
  • H Prune mature, deciduous shrubs - Deutzia, Philadelphus and Weigela
  • H Cut down overgrown lilacs
  • H Dead head regularly and cut back oriental poppies
  • H Plant out Canna’s and Lily bulbs
  • H Plant out summer bedding
  • H Plant hanging baskets


  • H Trim conifer hedges
  • H Divide irises (bearded and other rhizomatous)
  • H Feed late-flowering perennials - asters, chrysanthemums
  • H Plant autumn-flowering bulbs - colchicums or autumn-flowering crocus, nerines


  • H Deadhead roses
  • H Prune rambling roses - all side shoots that have flowered can be pruned back to 1 or 2 buds from the main stem
  • H Trim lavender
  • H Trim hedges
  • H Plant Madonna lilies
  • H Collect seed from annuals