Rabbit Resistant Plants

21 February 2020

  • O Euphorbia
  • O Eremurus (Foxtail Lily)
  • O Digitalis (Foxgloves)
  • O Eryngium (Sea Holly)
  • O Daffodil
  • O Ulex (Gorse)
  • O Aquilegia
  • O Hellebore
  • O Nepeta
  • O Pulmonaria
  • O Sedum
  • O Alchemilla mollis
  • O Alliums

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Great Groundcover Plants!

20 February 2019

Rock Garden

  • M Vinca minor ‘La Grave’ (E)
  • M Ajuga reptans (E)
  • M Helianthemum ‘Rhodanthe Carneum’ (E) + others
  • M Sedum ‘Casablanca’ (E)
  • M Sedum spurium ‘Greenmantle’ (E)
  • M Epimedium (E)
  • M Dianthus deltoides (E)
  • M Iberis sempervirens (E)
  • M Veronica prostrata (E)
  • M Campanula – various
  • M Arabis blepharophylla ‘Fruhlingszauber’ (E)
  • M Geranium - various
  • M Ivy (E)
  • M Artemisia (E)


  • L Sarcococca confusa (E)
  • L Cotoneaster horizontalis (D)
  • L Cotoneaster dammeri (E)
  • L Viburnum davidii (E)
  • L Euonymus ‘Emerald n Gold’/’Silver Queen’ (E)
  • L Berberis thunbergii ‘Nana’ (E)
  • L Helleborus hybridus (E)

Herbaceous Perennials

  • Z Lamium maculatum
  • Z Bergenia cordifolia

(E) Evergreen (D) Deciduous

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Slug Resistant Plants

07 February 2019

  • K All geraniums
  • K Winter aconite
  • K Hellebore
  • K Aquilegia
  • K Roses
  • K Agastache (Hyssop)
  • K Sedum
  • K Penstemon
  • K Sidalcea
  • K Knautia (Scabious)
  • K Astilbe

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Top Crab Apple Varieties

09 February 2018

Malus hupehensis is one of the largest crab apples, making a spreading tree up to 12m (40ft) tall. It has profuse clusters of pink-budded white flowers in spring, followed by cherry-shaped, deep-red fruits, and red and yellow autumn tints to the leaves. This variety offers good scab resistance.

Malus ‘Pink Glow’ is a small tree with white flowers. The fruits, which are excellent for jelly, are pinkish-red, hence the cultivar’s name.

Malus x atrosanguinea ‘Gorgeous’ lives up to its name, with pink-budded white flowers and glossy orange-red fruits that last well into winter. It remains a small tree.

Malus ‘Harry Baker’ is a newish variety, with big pink flowers and large, ruby-red, pink-fleshed fruit that is widely deemed to be the best for making crab-apple jelly. It has good scab resistance.

Malus x zumi ‘Golden Hornet’, which makes a rounded tree, is a popular choice because its slightly oval fruits are golden-yellow and persist, if you are lucky, right thorough winter. The single flowers are pink in bud, then white. Not very scab-resistant.

Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’ is a well-known cultivar with an upright habit. It has masses of white flowers in spring followed by deep-red fruits that last well on the tree. Another variety that shows good scab resistance.

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