Gardening Workshops 2021

Our informal workshops are designed for beginners and more experienced gardeners. We offer workshops across a wide range of topics and also provide private courses for groups or gardening clubs. We have covered lots of different topics over the years; if you have a particular subject area that interests you, please let us know.

All the workshops are informal, educational and I hope fun! Please bring your questions too as there is a Q & A at the end.

Our courses offer the opportunity to learn from an experienced horticulturalist in a unique garden setting. A practical gardening element is included in most workshops.

16 September 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Beautiful Bulbs - How to Select, Plant and Grow these Special Plants

September and October bring the spring bulb catalogues to our doors! It’s a great opportunity to buy some of our favourite bulbs and maybe even try some new ones…

14 October 2021,  10am - 1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Plant Pest and Diseases

I’m often asked about how to tackle plant pest and diseases in the garden and of course like lots of things in nature, it depends …… I am not keen on using pesticides in the garden and I also try to use minimal amounts of herbicide (the occasional stubborn weed may be the exception)! as I feel it is better to have a few holes in leaves and lose some blooms to aphids rather than spray and possibly kill beneficial insects. Aim for healthy soil, plant plants - right plant right place and encourage as much wildlife into the garden to kill off the pests for you.

18 November 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Designing a Winter Border - Plants that Sparkle in Winter!

Some of my favourite plants are at their best in winter having a subtle charm lost later in the year when the colours and textures are more vibrant. From topiary to dogwoods to Daphne’s there are a myriad of winter plants to enjoy and enhance your garden. Even as winter beckons, a window box or a larger plot can look beautiful and feel alive even in February. By siting plants close to the house or along a path, it is easy to appreciate the flowers, fragrance or berries, or planting at a distance creating focal points to be enjoyed from the house.

25 January 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Seeds, Cuttings and Planning for the Year Ahead!!

I have postponed this workshop in person due to Covid but I will be running a Zoom call instead!!

January is one of the best times in the garden; an opportunity to leaf through the seed and plant catalogues and choose which plants to grow for the new season. It is also a good time to evaluate which of those gardening jobs to prioritise. I will provide a month by month guide on key tasks. Remember too, it’s the perfect time to take hardwood cuttings of all your favourite deciduous shrubs; one of the easiest types of cutting to do. We’ll take some and pot them up for you to take home!

24 February 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Creating a Garden with Year-Round Interest

I am running a Zoom call for this course - please get in touch if you would like to join.

Achieving year-round interest is every gardener’s dream; a dream that can be fulfilled with a little careful planning. Judicious use of bulbs, annuals, herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees allows the creation of a garden with year-round interest.

19 March 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Planting Schemes for Stunning Mixed and Herbaceous Borders

Learn how to design and select plants for long lasting and spectacular summer and autumn border displays! I have been developing a mixed border in our garden for over 5 years. Ideas and recommendations for the best plants and plant combinations are the major themes for this workshop.

06 May 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

Right Plant Right Place! Choosing Plants that will Thrive in your Garden

Do you have an area of your garden that you struggle to find plants that grow, a sizzling, dry hot border perhaps, or a shady corner where nothing seems to thrive? These are some of the commonest problems experienced by gardeners. Follow our advice and we will transform your ‘difficult’ area into a beautiful one! I have chosen plants that are reliable, easy to grow and tried and tested performers.

07 June 2021,  10am-1pm •  Chilworth, nr. Guildford •  £40/person

My Top 10 Drought Tolerant Plants

After last year’s very hot and dry summer; I have now identified plants that thrive in these extreme conditions. With climate change and extreme weather events such as drought in summer becoming more likely; drought tolerant plants enable you to have a beautiful garden without the watering!