What to do in the Garden



  • X Plant up containers with hardy plants
  • X Move evergreen shrubs
  • X Prune bush and shrub roses (not ramblers)
  • X Prune winter coloured stems (Cornus, Salix)
  • X Plant and divide perennials
  • X Direct sow hardy annuals


  • X Apply fertilisers
  • X Plant evergreen hedges - holly, box, Garrya elliptica
  • X Plant container grown trees and shrubs
  • X Prune forsythias and Chaenomeles (flowering quince)
  • X Cut back silver leaved shrubs - lavender, Santolina
  • X Keep planting and dividing perennials
  • X Plant summer bulbs - dahlias, cannas and gladioli
  • X Continue sowing hardy annuals and sow annual climbers


  • X Prune pyracantha’s
  • X Trim formal evergreen hedging
  • X Prune early-flowering shrubs - Kerria japonica and Spiraea ‘Arguta’
  • X Prune Clematis montana - after flowering remove dead, diseased and damaged wood and then prune to size (group 1)
  • X Deadhead spring-flowering bulbs
  • X Cut back Alyssum, Arabis and Aubretia after flowering
  • X Sow perennials outside - achillea’s and hardy geraniums