What to do in the Garden



  • C Prune ornamental vines
  • C Prune overgrown deciduous hedges, trees and shrubs


  • C Order seeds, summer flowering bulbs and herbaceous perennials
  • C Plant deciduous hedging, beech, hornbeam, hawthorn, berberis, or native hedging of Viburnum opulus, dog rose, hazel and spindle
  • C Plant bare root roses, trees and shrubs
  • C Move deciduous trees and shrubs
  • C Prune young trees to shape
  • C Prune wisteria and other vigorous climbers. Cut back wisteria to 2/3 buds from the main stems. Cut to required size: ivies, virginia creeper and climbing hydrangea as they can work their way into window frames and doors
  • C Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs Viburnum, Cornus, Forsythia, Rosa, Deutzia, Philadelphus, Salix and Ribes


  • C Prune winter flowering heathers
  • C Prune late-flowering clematis - C. orientalis, C. texensis, C. viticella (group 3), wait for buds to break and then cut back to 25-45cm from the ground.
  • C Prune late flowering shrubs - Buddleja davidii, Caryopteris x clandonensis, hardy fuchsias, Lavatera, Santolina, Leycesteria. Cut them back almost to the ground, leaving 1 or 2 buds on each stem
  • C Tackle winter flowering jasmine, cut back flowered stems to a strong side-shoot lower down. Thin out crowded, crossing branches